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Friday, March 18, 2011

How do artists choose where to paint?

Back Bay, Newport Beach. It's wonderful to paint here when there are clouds because you can get a great view of the layers. Some days I choose my painting location depending on the weather or the season. People ask how I choose where or what to paint. Locally I know several places that I paint frequently. So sometimes it depends on the weather - it's too hot in summer to paint the canyons; the beach is more fun and populated when it's warmer; and some foliage is too dead in certain seasons to be interesting. Other than that, sometimes I go somewhere with a friend. Or if inventory is low on a type of painting and I need more, then I go there. And occasionally I adventure 1.5 hours away to drive around and see whats there, maybe take 1/2 day to do a photo shoot and discovery mission. I'll go somewhere I heard there is an open space reserve that is good, or some little know spot with great views.
     So, if you know of some great areas, let me know. And I'll publish some photos or paintings once I go there!

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